Emma's So Naturals Neroli Fusion Glass Tumbler Candle

Emma's So Naturals Neroli Fusion Glass Tumbler Candle

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Neroli Fusion Fragranced Boxed Glass Tumbler Candle 50hr Burn Time.

Our tumbler candles make a great gift and are suitable for use anywhere, especially in the average sized living room or bedroom.

Emma’s Neroli Fusion is a blend of light & precious Neroli Blossom and Sweet Orange Oil, with a touch of musky lavender: soothing, floral and calming.

Neroli Essential Oil is also commonly called Bitter Orange Flower or Orange Blossom. During the orange blossom season, in spring, millions of delicate waxy white flowers scent the air throughout the warmer regions where they are grown.

Being one of the most fragrant flowers, orange blossoms are an indispensable material in the perfume industry, and it is one of the most popular essential oils, as it not only has great therapeutic properties, but also has the most incredible and intensely exotic citrusy-sweet & fresh, floral smell!

Neroli blossoms have always traditionally been associated with purity, innocence and virtue and new brides have used fresh orange blossoms to decorate their hair on their wedding day since ancient times.

It’s calming effects include relaxing the body and mind, relieving muscle spasms and calming the heart. To enhance and complement the fragrance and it’s effects we have blended it beautifully with soothing Sweet Orange Oil and calming French Lavender.