Emma's So Naturals Harmony Blend Handmade Wax Tart Melts

Emma's So Naturals Harmony Blend Handmade Wax Tart Melts

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All Natural Eco-Soy Wax Tart Melt - for use in an oil burner.

Fragranced with only Pure Essential Oils.

Tart Melts Container is made from biodegradable material - simply remove the label and dispose of as compostable organic waste!


These all natural home fragrance Wax Tart Melts are for use in an oil burner.

Instructions for use: Remove the wax tart melt from its container. Break off just enough of the melt to fit in your oil burner’s bowl, don’t over fill. Do not add water. Light a tea-light underneath the bowl. The essential oil fragrance is released while the wax is melting. When the fragrance fades as the oils evaporate, allow the melt to cool and turn solid, pop it out of the burner’s bowl and replace with a fresh piece. For safety always burn within sight, on a sound surface. Away from children, soft furnishings, drafts and animals. Never burn for more than 4 hours.

This stunning fragrance was first introduced to the range in time for Spring 2013.
Originally intended as a limited edition release to last through Spring and Summer, just like our ‘Spring Romance’ blend in the previous year 2012, it soon proved to be too popular to discontinue, fast catching up with our Lavender fragrance in terms of popularity and retail sales, and so Harmony Blend has joined Lemongrass and Lavender as part of our permanent home fragrance candles collection.

I am often asked for popular candle fragrances like ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Rose’, but as I only use high quality pure essential oils, some of these rarer oils would prove far too expensive to include in our current range at our competitive prices, and so I began experimenting with various essential oils in an effort to harness the desirable Rose fragrance, and to produce this fragranced candle our customers so often request.

In addition to our ‘Harmony Blend’ candles and melts having an incredibly beautiful and natural fragrance, there are widely reputed health and wellbeing benefits associated with using these particular pure essential oils:

Geranium is spirit-lifting oil which has a great balancing effect on the mind, it is used for relieving stress, mild depression, PMS, anxiety and tension, menopausal problems and for general energizing. Sweet orange oil has a sweet, fresh and tangy smell, inducing the feelings of happiness and warmth, and it helps people to relax and helps children to sleep at night!